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And again  another large brake

But these pics sure make up for it


Emily has been doing dance classes and loves it.   Last week she had her first live performance.   So of course here are some pictures:


This was from the Nursery rhyme (Ballet)


These shots are fro  her Mickey Motion (Tap and Jazz)


Here she done a song and dance for the 50 or 60's hit Stupid cupid. 


"Daddies little girl is growing up to quick".


Of course here are some pictures from several months ago and from Emily's Birthday in June.   I've no Pictures from Taylor's  Birthday just gone,  It poured down so the digital did not work to well.

Emily at here party (My little girl then)

Taylor on Emily's Jumping Castle

(Ignore the balloon in the shot)

King of the Castle

The Cake (ops I blurred the shot)

Emily after her hair cut

Dad the suns in my eyes

and another shot of Taylor on his bike

and yes he can ride without those training wheels


As you can probably tell from the shots of Emily.   

I've been meaning to put these on the web for a while

Well I told you this page would make up for the "Non updates"

well that it for now

hope you enjoyed the page